-Organizational Behavior
-Job Performance components
-Types of Organizational Commitment

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Most companies are in business to make a profit. Is that also why employees work for companies, to bring home the bacon? To a large extent, yes. But many are also interested in a career that makes a difference. Great companies understand that work-life has to transcend a worker's monetary needs and provide them with a vision and purpose. Whether you are a top manager, owner, or at an entry level position, encourage the development of a purpose for your company that will elevate its reason for existence above monetary income. A common vision encourages teamwork and will get the best work from people. Determine what your product or service really does for your customers. How does it solve their problem(s) and why did they come to you vs. to your competition? This is the first step to establishing your company's higher purpose.

"Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep." -Denis Waitley

This episode is about Organizational Behavior and two major areas of focus - Job Performance and Organizational Commitment. We'll review the detailed components of both.

Find out what type of Organizational Commitment you have (or don't have!).   I share the top 3 factors that make people more likely to remain with their current employer.

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