-Who Qualifies for Overtime Pay?
-Fair Labor Standards Act
-Who's doing the most Personal Tasks at work, a survey reveals!

Welcome back to the MBA Working Girl Podcast-Where Business Theory and the Real World collide! I'm your host, Laura Adams.

MBA Essential Tip:
The U.S. federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was enacted in 1938 to regulate the minimum wage, overtime pay, and the use of child labor. This law does not apply to Independent Contractors-only to employees. FLSA does not limit the number of hours that an employee can work in a day or in a week.  And it does not provide for compensation while an employee is traveling to or from their job.
The law does permit employees to receive comp time in lieu of overtime pay. Comp time is extra paid vacation time given to the employee instead of overtime pay.

In this episode I talk about being paid for overtime work. You'll learn about your rights for receiving overtime compensation. You may be surprised to know who is qualified for overtime pay and who is not!

I'll also share interesting survey results that reveal who is spending the most time at work doing personal tasks...

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