-Is Going Green a good business strategy?
-10 Ideas that make it Easy to Be Green
-Moving into Business from a non-Business career

Welcome back to the MBA Working Girl Podcast-Where Business Theory and the Real World Collide! I'm your host, Laura Adams.

MBA Essential Tip:
Does it always make economic sense for a company to Go Green? The answer depends on your specific business industry and size. What does a company have to do to honestly promote themselves as a Green business?
We still need more comprehensive data to understand what's really good for the Earth. For example, is an electric car a good product because it doesn't emit pollutants into the air - or is it a bad product because of the huge amount of fuel that must be burned to produce the electricity required to power the car for one year.
With time, Green technology will evolve and the data will enable businesses and consumers to clearly see the right choices they should  make. Environmentalism seems to hit a nerve with so many people. And many companies are promoting their Green-ness in an effort to capitalize on the customers' fuzzy knowledge about what is eco-ethical right now. But there are many opportunities for companies who can truthfully position their products, services, or culture as being Green.

"There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew." -Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980)

In this episode we'll talk about the growing trend of "Going Green".  I'll share my thoughts on how it can fit into your business strategy. And if you're not already turning Green, I have 10 easy tips that you can immediately use to Green Up some more at your home office or workplace!
And maybe you're thinking about moving into a Business career from a non-Business career such as Education.  I'll recommend some ways to think about this type of transition and to prepare for it.

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Thanks for listening -
Do Good Work, Laura

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