-Interview with Chance Cole, founder of GetTheDream.com

Welcome back to the MBA Working Girl Podcast-Where Business Theory and the Real World Collide! I'm the podcast host and blogger, Laura Adams.

In this episode I talk with Chance Cole of Get The Dream. He's created some revolutionary tools that can be used to increase life results. I've enjoyed using them and wanted to share this powerful information.

Show listeners have been offered a discount code to purchase any product(s) for 50% off.  At checkout enter the 3 letters MBA in the Discount Code box, then click Update Cart to recalculate the total.

Chance also mentioned that there is a Sleep product that can be downloaded free of charge right now from www.getthedream.com

MBA Essential Tip:
Our state of mind affects whether we can utilize our education and natural gifts to their highest potential. Technology called brainwave entrainment exists to help the human brain focus more effectively. 

Brainwave entrainment is also known as brainwave synchronization.
It's the practice of altering one's own brainwaves to a desired frequency by means of a stimulus with a corresponding frequency. This is a natural phenomenon termed the "frequency following response".

"The greatest achievements were at first and for a time dreams. The oak sleeps in the acorn." -James Allen (1864-1912)

This post is sponsored by Upromise, the free program that allows you to quickly save money for college!

Thanks for listening -
Do Good Work, Laura

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-Secrets to Family business success
-Too little time to read Business books?
-Take a Workaholic Self-Test!

Welcome back to the MBA Working Girl Podcast-Where Business Theory and the Real World Collide! I'm the show host and blog writer, Laura Adams.

MBA Essential Tip:
Americans as a whole could certainly be considered Workaholics when compared to many other countries. We tend to take pride in working hard, sometimes to a dangerous extreme. I've heard that as many as 40 percent of workers don't take the vacation time they've earned because they're afraid they won't have a job to come back to! Corporate cut-backs and consolidations further enhance employees' fears.
Whether the reason for obsessive working is our 24/7 connected technology, financial goals, materialistic dreams, or an intense love of what we do, there can be serious side effects. We all must block out sacred personal time for whatever can divert our minds from thinking about work. Consider hobbies, volunteering, exercise - anything that gets you completely away from everything work related.
And the irony is that getting away from your work, can actually make you more effective when you get back to it!

"An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth." -Bonnie Friedman

In this show, I give you a secret weapon to read all those business books that have been calling you.  It's Soundview Executive Book Summaries. Check it out for yourself or as a gift for anyone who wants condensed business education - short and sweet is good!
Soundview pioneered the concept of outlining key concepts of the year's best, cutting-edge business books. You can download formats for viewing or listening on your computer, Palm device, Pocket PC, portable media player or CD. Really brilliant.

The first segment in this episode was inspired by a recent article in Inc. Magazine by author Adam Bluestein, titled "The Success Gene". He takes a look at some very successful family businesses to understand why they have been able to beat the odds.

I also give you a fun test to see if you're a Type A-Workaholic (like me)! And suggest some ways to make sure you stay balanced.

This post is brought to you by DirectDegree.com, the premiere online education resource on the Internet.

Thanks for listening & reading -
Do Good Work, Laura

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